Matthew Bischoff, Mobile Product and Engineering Lead

Matthew Bischoff shared this recommendation for Rajiv on Apr 10, 2016 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv is an incredible leader of technical organizations. His ability at The Times to zoom in and solve small problems one on one with a single engineer without losing focus of the entire team’s goals was unparalleled and the teams he helped build have remained strong long after he stepped away. I can count on one hand the number of people I’d want running my engineering organization and Rajiv is definitely among them.

As Senior iOS Software Engineer at The New York Times, Matthew reported to Rajiv. Matthew subsequently became Product Manager and iOS Engineering Manager at Tumblr before becoming Partner at Lickability, a boutique mobile mobile product development firm.

Leon Shklar, Managing Director at BNY Mellon

Leon Shklar shared this recommendation for Rajiv on Apr 10, 2016 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv played an important role in transforming the technology organization at The New York Times, He succeeded in attracting new talent and made a major contribution to creating a balance between product, editorial, and technology organizations. Rajiv promoted transparency, never set hidden agendas, and was a recognized “force for good” in the organization.

As Vice President of Technology for Ecommerce, Digital Subscriptions, and Marketing at The New York Times, Leon reported to Rajiv.

Robert Larson, Core News Product Manager at Bloomberg

Robert Larson shared this recommendation for Rajiv on Apr 9, 2016 via LinkedIn:

I had the pleasure of working with Rajiv at The New York Times for many years and think very highly of him and the work he did there. Under Rajiv’s leadership and with the team he built there, NYT became a far more innovative company. It also became a more attractive place for engineers to work. Rajiv focused as much on improving the culture of the team as on the technologies they were developing. Recruitment and the quality of the new hires increased. On a personal level, I valued the advice and counsel Rajiv provided as a colleague.

As Vice President, Search Products at The New York Times, Robert worked with Rajiv.

Esfand Pourmand, Program Director, The New York Times

Esfand Pourmand shared this recommendation for Rajiv on November 17, 2015 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv and I started around the same time at NYTimes and during this 4+ years he was more than just your typical CTO, in addition of possessing all the technical skills to manage complex business and system issues. He has a deep understanding of lean product development methodologies combined with day to day knowledge of latest agile development practices. He has a gift in connecting with co-workers from different level skill-sets, his interactions with others are conducted with great care, and his detail-oriented hands-on approach continues to be admired.

As Program Director, E-Commerce/NYT Beta/Continuous Delivery at The New York Times, Esfand reported to Rajiv.

Joy Goldberg, Director, Portfolio Management at The New York Times

Joy Goldberg shared this recommendation for Rajiv on October 22, 2015 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv is unique. He’s intensely interested in every person regardless of hierarchy or background, strives to see their point of view and then invests energy to help them advance their ideas or career. He does this without guile or agenda, with simply a desire to see smart people motivated to do their best work. He’s a cultural ambassador committed to an organization being greater than the sum of its parts.

As Director, Portfolio Management at The New York Times, Joy Goldberg reported to Rajiv.

Erin Grau, Program Director, Web Products, The New York Times

Erin Grau shared this recommendation for Rajiv on Oct 21, 2015 via LinkedIn:

Some of Rajiv’s contributions to a technical organization are obvious and shared by many successful CTOs: He sets the technology strategy of our platforms and systems, and he attracts top talent. But many of Rajiv’s contributions are unique and – I’d suggest – equally as valuable: He is skilled at building an engineering culture that sees developers thrive, motivated and respected; he builds relationships across departments and disciplines; he encourages and ensures there is transparency into complex programs and technical implementations. His legacy and impact on The Times will remain for years to come.

As Program Director, Web Products at The New York Times, Erin reported in to Rajiv.

Rohn Jay Miller, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Knight Ridder Digital

Rohn Jay Miller shared this recommendation for Rajiv on September 11, 2015 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv Pant was leading the online technology organization at and the Philadelphia Inquirer when I selected him to become the first Vice President – Engineering for Knight Ridder in San Jose.

We were preparing to build the first true platform for all 34 Knight Ridder newspapers (Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, San Jose Mercury, among others) and the 29 city portals (,, Silicon Rajiv was hired because he alone within Knight Ridder had the technology, content management, and leadership skills to take on this $20 million development effort.

Quickly it became clear to us that this platform development effort was much more complex than we anticipated, especially in migrating operations from 63 individual sites onto a single platform that could support common content management, advertising, classifieds and e-commerce.

It also quickly became clear how singularly skilled Rajiv Pant was as a manager of large-scale platform development and operations. I can say that without Rajiv’s strong leadership this platform would never have become operational. It was built around an open source news content management system that Rajiv’s team developed in Philadelphia–one of the first examples of Rajiv’s natural entrepreneurship.

What impressed me the most among all Rajiv’s gifts was his skill as a manager of people, especially among very talented and opinionated professionals from across Knight Ridder.

Within one year of launching the Knight Ridder platform Knight Ridder Digital went from hemorrhaging $50 million a year to turning a profit. When Knight Ridder was eventually sold, Knight Ridder Digital was one of the three most profitable business units including the 28 newspaper units.

I am not surprised to see the track record of successful leadership Rajiv has built since I hired him in 2000. He has grown into one of the leaders in large-scale technology development and operations, even beyond the news business. I have no doubt that he will continue to build his record of innovation and management.

As Senior Vice President of Product & Technology at Knight Ridder Digital (now McClatchy Interactive), Rohn Jay Miller managed Rajiv.

Atif Azam, Product Designer, at MongoDB

Atif Azam shared this recommendation for Rajiv on Aug 26, 2015 via LinkedIn:

Working with Rajiv is an absolute pleasure. He is a great leader with a knack for managing a team in a way that empowers them to do their best work. He has the ability to always remain composed and to make clear, logical decisions that are in the best interest of the product and his team. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

As Product Designer at Some Spider, Atif Azam reported to Rajiv. Atif subsequently became Product Designer at MongoDB.

Morgante Pell, Technical Entrepreneur

Morgante Pell shared this recommendation for Rajiv on August 14, 2015 via LinkedIn:

It was a great pleasure to work with Rajiv at Some Spider. He is a highly capable leader, mentor, and developer. His transition from managing a large development team at the New York Times to working with us at a startup was graceful and successful. Rajiv never lets his extensive experience stand in the way of rolling up his sleeves to contribute in an ego-free and effective manner. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Rajiv on future entrepreneurial endeavors.

As VP of Product Development at Some Spider, Morgante Pell reported to Rajiv.

Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. Chairman & Publisher, The New York Times


Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr.

The New York Times Company
The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
[phone and email redacted]

July 27, 2015

Mr. Rajiv Pant
[address redacted]
New York, NY 10019

Dear Rajiv:

I am writing to extend to you my congratulations on your position at Some Spider and to thank you for the excellent job you did at The New York Times over your four years with us.

Your insight and expertise were enormously valuable as we built the technology needed to launch and grow our digital business. And, your eye for talent helped us to fill our ranks with top developers and technologists. The spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm you brought to your work will surely live on.

I thank you again and wish you continued success.


Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr.