Kim Marcille Romaner, General Manager of, Knight Ridder Digital

Kim Marcille Romaner shared this recommendation for Rajiv on September 16, 2005 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv and I worked together at Knight Ridder Digital. The platform for Knight Ridder’s network of websites is built on Rajiv’s original Cofax platform. That’s quite an accomplishment! He’s very quick to understand requirements and believes that everything is possible. Rajiv is very customer service-oriented, always friendly, and a fun person to have around. I highly recommend him! –K.

As General Manager at Knight Ridder Digital (now McClatchy Interactive) and Vice President of Circulation at The Miami Herald, Kim Marcille Romaner worked with Rajiv.

Daniel Finnigan, President and CEO, Knight Ridder Digital

Dan Finnigan shared this recommendation for Rajiv on April 24, 2005 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv is very bright, hard-working, creative and passionate about his enginerring and development work on the internet. Rajiv never wants to do things the way they have already been done, Rajiv has always been top engineer in non-tech companies, requiring him to figure out how to get to the goal on his own. That is perhaps Rajiv’s greatest strength – his resourcefulness and self-reliance.

As President and CEO at Knight Ridder Digital (now McClatchy Interactive), Dan Finnigan indirectly managed Rajiv. He is former President and CEO of SBC Interactive (now Vice President at Yahoo & GM of Yahoo HotJobs; and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Benchmark Capital. He subsequently became President & CEO of Jobvite.

Ches Wajda, Design Director, and Knight Ridder Digital

Ches Wajda shared this recommendation for Rajiv on September 27, 2004 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv already was at legendary status when I arrived at (while still a full-time student at Temple, he wrote the application that converted ATEX to HTML — something thought near-impossible). In my own experience with him, I found Rajiv to be a willing parter in my efforts to update the look of the product. “Yes, that is no problem,” was the common reply from Rajiv.

As Design Director at and Knight Ridder Digital (now McClatchy Interactive), Ches Wajda worked with Rajiv.