Columbia University’s Journalism School’s Spring Journalism and Technology Breakfast Event

At Columbia University’s Journalism School’s Spring Journalism and Technology Breakfast event, Rajiv Pant, CTO at The New York Times and Sam Curry, CTO, Identity and Data Protection at RSA Security were panel speakers in an interview titled Thoughtful Perspectives: Cybersecurity in the Newsroom hosted by John Daniszewski of the Associated Press. (May 13, 2013)

Video Technology: Eye on the Future hosted by The Center for Communication

Rajiv spoke at the seminar titled Video Technology: Eye on the Future hosted by The Center for Communication ( The Center for Communication is a 30-year old, non-profit educational forum offering an annual program of newsworthy and relevant media seminars featuring outstanding leaders from all fields of the industry. Past speakers include: . (October 13, 2009)

Rajiv talks about managing expenses in good and tough times

Rajiv talks about the role of CTOs