5 Sentences & 5 Minutes Email Policy

The Problem

Emails take too much time and effort to read and respond to, resulting in stress, diminished productivity and unhappiness for those who receive a lot of email.

The Solution

Keep most emails very short, similar to SMS text messages or Tweets. Since it’s impractical to manually count letters, limit the number of sentences. 1

It is my personal policy that most of my emails and email responses regardless of importance, recipient or subject will be 5 sentences or less and be typed in under 5 minutes.

This is not a strict policy for each and every email I send, but it is my default policy.

I also prefer to not respond thoughtlessly, reactively, and immediately to emails. I prefer to take at least 5 minutes before I respond. This gives me time to understand, consider, and be rational in my reply.

I also aim to respond to most emails within 5 business days.

  1. Inspired by five.sentenc.es []

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