Biographical Sketches


Prof. William P. Wagner, Ph.D.

Photo of Prof. William P. Wagner Prof. Wagner has been teaching, consulting, and conducting research in Information Systems since 1988. His research spans the areas of Artificial Intelligence, ERP systems and E-Commerce and has appeared in internationally known journals such as “Expert Systems”, “Journal of Computer Information Systems”, “Internet Research”, “Information & Managemen”t, and “Knowledge-Based Systems”. He recently co-authored the first text book on XML entitled “Introduction to Applied XML Technologies” for Business (Prentice Hall, 2002), and was invited to write definitions for “Enterprise Computing” and another in the field of AI for the “Encyclopedia of Information Systems”. Currently he is co-authoring a new CRM text book entitled, “The Essentials of Customer Relationship Management” (Prentice Hall 2004). He has presented numerous seminars and research papers at regional and international conferences such as Decision Science Institute, INFORMS, AIS, and the NATO Advanced Studies Institute. At Villanova University he has developed MIS curricula for E-Commerce, distance learning, CRM, data mining and ERP and is co-coordinator of Villanova’s SAP University Alliance.

Vik Pant

Photo of Vik Pant Vik is a systems integrator specializing in SAP applications and technologies. He is a graduate from the College of Commerce and Finance at Villanova University with degrees in Management Information Sciences and Finance. He has worked at SAP America and is currently affiliated with an SAP partner organization. He works closely with many research institutes. His research interests are enterprise computing, data interchanges and artificial intelligence. His current research is focused on customer relationship management and strategic enterprise management. He has an extensive computing background and has provided consulting services to many organizations. He has worked as a technical editor for Prentice-Hall Publications on numerous business computing and information technology books. As a teenager, his articles were published in various newspapers and magazines including Young Expressions and Opinion Express on a variety of themes.


Rajiv Pant

Photo of Rajiv Pant (Note: Rajiv has moved on to a job in Atlanta, GA and is now an advisor to Effectuation.)
Rajiv provides organizations with technology leadership and management of product development. He is currently Chief Technology Officer at COXnet. COXnet is part of the Cox Newspapers Division of Cox, one of the nation's leading media/communications companies and providers of automotive services. He has served as Vice President, Technology Development/Engineering at Knight Ridder Digital, the online division of Knight Ridder, the second-largest newspaper publisher in the United States. He worked at Knight Ridder for nearly a decade, and during that time was twice recipient of the prestigious Knight Ridder Excellence Award for Technology Innovation.
He maintains a personal web site at