Areas for Improvement

Strengths & Weaknesses

Prospective employers are better served by knowing candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. In addition to my resume, I’ve provided below a list of areas where I currently need development.

A person’s strengths and weaknesses are often the same qualities. What’s a strength is one context is a weakness in another. In that sense, the good qualities I have also work to my disadvantage in certain circumstances. Having said that, below are some areas where my strengths are limited, in no particular order.

  • I have limited international work experience. Most of my career has been in the United States of America. I’m not intimately familiar with how business is conducted and projects are managed in other countries.
    • However: I learn quickly; observe and take subtle cues; am respectful; take a genuine interest in other people’s well-being and success; build meaningful relationships and work well with people of diverse backgrounds. I’ve lived and travelled abroad and have a network of personal friends and business contacts across the globe. I like to help and teach others and others like to help and teach me.
  • Both at home and at work, I daily receive many more emails, phone calls and meeting requests than I could possibly even look at, let alone respond to. It is physically impossible for me to read every email that I receive. I seldom interrupt what I’m doing to try to respond to each email that I receive.
    • However: I value people, relationships and in-person communications. I walk around and talk with my colleagues face to face or via video conference. People are welcome to visit me and I visit them. I also enjoy having brief, productive conversations in hallways and common areas. By not spending most of my time emailing back and forth, I’m able to focus on the really important things, be more productive and help other people be successful.
  • I’m only fluent in two languages: English and Hindi.
    • However: I’m learning Spanish and plan to learn Mandarin.
  • I have some off-shore project management experience, but not a lot of it.
    • However: In the very few off shore projects I have supervised, my teams brought successful results.
  • I do not have experience in life-critical projects and industries like medical engineering, nuclear power and weapons engineering. I’ve worked successfully on very important projects but none where human lives were at stake.
    • However: I’ve worked on media Web sites with 24×7 news cycles and uptime requirements even during unexpected events. I have excellent crisis management skills and a proven track record of staying calm and providing leadership in emergencies.
  • I am no longer a hands-on professional computer programmer. I do write code to accomplish personal tasks on my computers and I participate in some open source development as a hobby, but I’m not a regular code author.
    • However: I’m a professional people manager who helps develop environments where professional software engineers write great code and be happy.
  • I don’t consider this one a weakness, but some people may: I am unwilling and unable to “do anything and everything it takes” to get desired business results. If something is immoral and unethical, I will not do it nor be party to it. (I believe that we must support our friends, even in their mistakes, but it should be clear it is the friend and not the mistake we are supporting.)
    • However: I will go above and beyond in doing things that are moral and ethical.

For a list of my strengths, please view my resume and recommendations.

Victory is winning people, not defeating others.

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